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For existing ID Station customers needing Extended warranty for their passport system









If you do wish to re consider ID Station Care 12 Month Extended Warranty and Service, the benefits to you are as follows:

  • Repair or Replacement of your ID Station Printer and Tablet at no cost as it’s covered via extended care program.
  • In Store Technical Support
  • Phone Technical Support (this is provided if you don’t wish to take up extended care, regardless)
  • Ongoing Training
  • Biometrics Software updates (this is provided if you don’t wish to take up extended care, regardless)


Please fill out the below form and send to


ID Station Extended Equipment Warranty and Service Agreement


Step-by-step guides and installation videos to assist you with your passport system.

Magnetic Cable Camfi

Short video showing the Magnetic USB cable we use to charge the Camfi controller. If you want to replace the magnetic cable, you need to remove a small part residing in Camfi controller. The video shows how this is done.

FastID Camfi - Installation

Video showing how to install the fastID Camfi passport photo system. The fastID Camfi is a wireless passport photo system using a Camfi controller to automatically transfer captured images into the system. There is a second video available for this product, showing how to operate a fastID Camfi (daily use).


FastID - Load Paper and Ribbon

This video shows how to load paper and ribbon into the fastID passport photo printer.


FastID Photomatic - Adjust Camera Settings

This video is for fastID Photomatic users, showing how to adjust the camera settings of this passport photo system. The fastID Photomatic has a tethered camera connection (USB cable). The camera settings are controlled by the software. The software reads a file containing all camera settings are pushes these settings into the camera. So to adjust the camera settings you need to adjust this file too. The video shows how to do this


FastID Read Card - Daily Use

Video showing how to operate the fastID Read Card once it is installed. Similar videos exist for fastID Camfi and fastID Photomatic. If the fastID passport photo system is not yet installed, watch the installation video first.


FastID Camfi - Daily Use

FastID - Load Paper and Ribbon

ID station read card - Getting Started

FastID Read Card - Installation

ID station CamFi video

Video showing wireless passport photo taking using the ID station with a Camfi controller.

fastID load paper

Instruction video how to load paper and ribbon into the new fastID printer