ID Station Gen 2 Sinfonia-Camfi

Advanced Biometric Technology With ICAO Compliant Software.

A Complete Passport & ID Photo Solution Each ID Station comes complete with everything you need to start taking Passport & ID Photos including background lighting, camera, printer, and advanced biometric photo software. ID Station utilises ICAO Biometric Software Technology and checks each photo against 80 specification tests to ensure the image complies with international passport photo standards.

A compliance certificate can be printed and submitted with the passport application to reduce photo rejections or the photo can be emailed to the customer for countries such as New Zealand has support for online passport submissions.

What is included


ID station gen 2 Sinfonia is a wireless passport photo system! It comes with a plug&play WiFi controller. Just connect the WiFI controller to your camera and shoot. Every captured image is automatically sent to the ID station. The WiFi controller supports Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.

Very easy

ID station Pro is designed for retail. Even without photographic skills staff can make ICAO compliant passport photos. The software contains all necessary data to process a captured image into a perfect passport or visa photo. For any country.

Minimise hassle and rejections

Biometric passports require passport photos that meet the strict ICAO specifications. ID station software features a compliance check. It will check every ID photo before it is printed. For any country. Minimise rejections with ID station.

Make more money

ID station Gen 2 Sinfonia will maximize your profits. The paper size is 4×6″ (10x15cm) allowing 6 or 8 passport photos to be printed on one sheet. It also lets you print special templates, portrait photos or combinations. Print the ICAO certification and add it to the passport photo sale. Save and email the ID photo for on-line applications such as VISA applications, renewal services and on-line subscription services.


The ID station Gen 2 is very fast. The AIO computer will process the images realy fast and printing a set of ID photos on the new OEM printer takes just about 10 seconds.

Lite Kit

-Passport system, tablet, Camfi


Full Kit

The system will come with the following:

  • Passport system, tablet, Camfi


  • Point of sale:

-Passport window Flag

-Passport Side walk stand

-Passport photo Pull-up banner

-Passport window stickers

– Passport photo posters

-Passport photo flyers

More Information



  • Latest biometric technology
  • ICAO Compliance certificate printed
  • 16 second roll printer
  • Full installation, training & support on passport regulations
  • UltraFast CamFi Controller

Wireless Camera

ID station Gen 2 Sinfonia features a Wi-Fi controller. Just connect your camera to the controller and every picture you take will be transferred wirelessly to the ID station

Templates for many countries

ID station features templates for Passport and VISA photos for many countries. The auto face alignment and
compliance check use these templates too. ID station automatically processes any captured image and will check its compliance.

Designed for retail

Even without photographic skills, retail staff can print and email ICAO compliant passport photos.